Halloween Bingo Cards

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the 31st of October each year, especially in the United States of America, but nowadays in many other countries as well. Halloween is traditionally associated with ghosts, witches and scary stories. Pumpkins are carved with faces and a candle placed inside to make a Jack O’Lantern. Kids love to dress up to play games or go trick-or-treating สล็อตpg.

Halloween is also often marked by schools and community groups. It is not uncommon for schools to hold Halloween themed events, and teachers to organize Halloween games in their classrooms. One particular game that is ideal for classrooms at this time of year – it can be a lot of fun, is easy to place, can be educational, and does not require expensive or specialist materials – is a game of Halloween bingo.

Halloween bingo is played very much like a normal game of bingo. Each student is given a bingo card or bingo card containing a grid of items. However, Halloween bingo cards are printed with words or phrases relating to Halloween (“ghost”, “Jack O’Lantern”, “pumpkin”, “witch”, etc.) instead of the usual numbers. The teacher takes the part of the bingo caller, and calls these items out in a random order, until a student achieves a winning pattern of marked off squares on their bingo card.

One question that many teachers have is where to get Halloween bingo cards. This isn’t difficult however. You can download a set of ready-made printable templates from the Internet, or use bingo card making software to print custom bingo cards in whatever quantity and contain whatever items you want.