Introduction to Poker Hand Histories


This article will provide you a simple comprehension of poker hand histories and ways to use them to become a much better player.

A hand is a little text document that contains info about a hand you have played in an online poker room. They come in many forms, and while a number of them may be domino99 rather difficult to understand, you will always have the ability to recreate everything which occurred in the hand when you’ve got the hand history.

You may view an illustration from Full Tilt Poker (an online poker room) below.

Full Tilt Poker Hand History

Full Tilt Poker Game #17773064601: Table Horizon Ridge (6 max, shallow) – $0.10/$0.25 – No Limit Hold’em – 0:11:06 ET – 2010/01/21

Seat 1: Lowballed60 ($9.10)

Chair 2: DpokerPrick ($14.17), is sitting outside

Chair 3: TOMMYBOYFOLD ($22.94), is sitting outside

Seat 4: franco114 ($7.74)

Chair 5: INTELECTUAL5 ($14.19)

Lowballed60 posts the small blind of $0.10

Franco114 posts the big blind of $0.25

The button is at seat #5


Lowballed60 calls $0.15

franco114 checks

Lowballed60 checks

TOMMYBOYFOLD has returned

franco114 checks

*** TURN *** [2h 9c 8d] [Qh]

Lowballed60 checks

Franco114 stakes $0.72

Lowballed60 folds

Uncalled bet of $0.72 returned to franco114

franco114 mucks

*** SUMMARY ***

Board: [2h 9c 8d Qh]

Seat 1: Lowballed60 (small blind) folded on the Turn

Seat 2: DpokerPrick is sitting outside

Chair 3: TOMMYBOYFOLD is sitting outside

Seat 4: franco114 (big blind) collected ($0.48), mucked

Chair 5: INTELECTUAL5 (button) did not bet (folded)

Common Uses for Poker Hands

Serious players discuss hand histories on forums such as”2+2″ and”Flop Turn River” to acquire different players’ view on whether or not they played with the hand in the greatest possible way. Before somebody posts a hand to the forum, it is usually passed via a”hand converter”, which will eliminate unnecessary information and format it so it is a lot easier to read.

Most serious players regularly examine their hands when attempting to see leaks in their game (mistakes they’ve made). Since it is difficult to read the text files since they come in the poker rooms, many players use a”pokertracker.”

This is essentially applications that read the text files and display comprehensive statistics of the way you have played. They also sort all of the information and allow you to observe a playback your drama, complete with a table and all your opponents.

The most frequently used programs among professional players are Pokertracker 3 and Holdem Manager. Some gamers prefer Poker Office 5, but it is almost exclusively beginner players, who have not attempted the more advanced applications however.