7 Unique Interior Design From Japan To Design House of Dreams

Interior design Unique in Japan is one country in Asia that many have a variety of interior design unique jasa renovasi rumah and interesting to emulate. However, before imitating designs available, homeowners should take into account such things as:

  1. Type of home lighting. In jasa bangun rumah this case, you as a homeowner must estimate the placement of the lights so that at the time of the day or night, the lighting provided was the maximum.

  2. Spacious rooms in desain rumah the area. When you want to design the interior of your home with a specific theme, consider the area of the room that you have to specify the coloring and laying renovasi rumah systems furniture.

  3. Type furnishings. When he wants to design the inside area of the house, make sure you understand the types of materials bangun rumah that the furniture you buy other materials that will be combined not look very contrasting.

  4. Complementary interior. The interior of a house can be seen best when, the exterior of the house is also equipped with accessories that reinforce the residential appearance. For that, you could consider whether to add other complementary in the area outside the building, such as walkways, pillars, and other components.

After noticing some of the above, the following are some of the interior design of Japanese origin could be used as a source of inspiration in designing your dream home.

Ghost design

Although the name impressed spooky, ghost design can generally be used to create the impression of space and cool. You can combine black and white in most areas of the house combined with minimal furnishings. This theme can also give the impression area to house a lot of the hallway.

Design path

If you have a house building consisting of two or three floors. You can try the path design technique that puts the games corner. You can put goods and furniture attached to the corner of the staircase made by design drift. This technique makes the room look more cramped initially spacious and clean. To make it look alive and fresh in the room, you can add accessories potted tree in a corner of the room as well as small fish aquarium.

Design Ying and Yang

As the name implies, this design emphasizes the theme of balance. Therefore, you must be smart to choose a design that illustrates the contrast but complementary to each other. In general, these designs are created by combining some of the furniture and components made from natural elements, such as stone, marble, rattan, mahogany wood, paper, and more.

Design minerals

In Japan there is a house mineral popularized by Studio Tekuto and for the condition of housing and apartments in Indonesia, you can adopt an interior design that emphasizes therein wooden furniture and metal election to maximize the absorption of light. To give the impression of spacious and modern, you can use a table or bed furniture that looks glued to the wall.

Prism design

If you want to build an environmentally friendly home and save electricity, you can try prism design which are generally used glass and rattan as the main component. www.griyarenovasi.com For some angles, you can combine the glass with a sunshade to minimize scorching heat during the day and store heat for a night. Interior Design This prism design would generally seem more modern if therein coupled with metal furnishings combined with chandeliers.

The house sea

Although the design is carried almost the same as the design of coastal engineering, marine house model can be applied generally greatest if the house in question is located on the waterfront. This pattern can be implemented by combining glass and wood furniture arranged facing towards the open sea plus a pot of green plants in the house .

Home garden

If you have a terraced house the upper part empty, there’s nothing wrong switch function into green land or garden by adding some plants flower. You can also add an ornamental plant with a climbing vine that extends to the bottom to make the house seemed cold and beautiful. Hopefully the above discussion, you got the inspiration to change the unique interior design of your home previously to design more innovative and fun.