Start Your Online Store Business In Arizona – How To

It has been a year now, since I started the online shop company with my partners. We have gone through a lot of learn steps como abrir uma empresa mei. I believe it’ll be useful to put down the procedures of starting an internet retail company in Arizona. Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow. I may begin a new company again.

These are the brief steps.

Search availability of the new company name in Arizona corporation commission from the link under.
Filing the essential documents to register the company as s-corporation. If you would rather begin as LLC, you can do this by choose different company type and fee schedule.
Download the submitting forms from the link under
Covert Sheet
Articles of Incorporation for Domestic Corporations
Certificate of Disclosure for Business Corporations
$95 test write to Arizona Corporation Commission
If the document is filed with Expedited procedure ($60 + $35), it will take about a week to get the Article of company document return ($5/each). Otherwise, it is going to take approximately 55 days.
Once got the content of corporation, publish the article in 60 days. AZ funds time can finish the whole process for about $91, including email the printed copy to AZ business commission. Of course, there are many public paper can do it to you. Find the best one for your need.
Once the procedure is finished, phone to receive a new EIN (employee Identify Number).
Download and document the 2553 S-corporation election type to form the s-corporation
Apply the Arizona retailer license on line at
Apply a fresh small business check account with lender
Apply a fresh business credit card
Find a fantastic business to buy the startup bundle (like bylaw, minute book, etc)
Register the desirable domain name in, which comprises reasonable price.
Find an excellent hosting company.
Setup open source shopping cart from Zen-Cart. com. It’s FREE! Without SSL, Paypal won’t accept your credit card processing request.

The time to complete the whole corporation filing is about a month. Now. It is up to your to run the enterprise. Few notes to remember.

AZ needs to submit the tax return monthly. Fedral needs to document tax return quarterly. Do well research on your product supplier. Many drop ship companies charges your extra amount if need to cancel your connection with them. Also know about where the item was made and sent. If the product is made in China, most probably you can find different shipper carrier the same product with different brand name. You can bargain the price.

To succeeded as online business, your client services and quality of your products are both important. Ignore your client’s feed will cost you a lot more to recover the damage your own did.