Religion’s Influence on Jewelry


From the start of time and humanity, jewelry was a reflection of wealth and social status. Jewelry has also been affected by the religions and cultures in the several areas of earth. The effect of particular beliefs as it pertains to jewellery is evident in many cultures though outside the passing of time. In the start to present time faith and jewellery are a frequent reflection of our faith Religious Jewelry.

When Christianity was infused to the Egyptian civilization Christian jewellery was created in less costly materials. The Islamic influence in Egyptian jewellery prohibit men to use gold. This started the outset of silver for a predominate metal at the making and creating of spiritual jewelry. This phenomenon is true for several other ancient civilizations like the Greek, Greek, AfricanAmerican, all of the lands of the planet.

The Christian influence in jewellery remains evident today. The sign of the cross made in rings, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces and even rings are worn to spot ones religion as a Christian. Rosary beads are a sort of jewellery used in prayers that also conveys the cross, a glimpse of Jesus Christ’s sacrifices created for humanity and God’s love.

Religion has had significant influences on jewellery in every culture across the world not just in the invention of the jewellery but also from the sporting of those bits. In certain cultures specific jewelry may only be worn out for specific ceremonies or specific times of the year. This sort of spiritual jewelry reflects those minutes of time of excellent strife or spiritual upheavals that effected the path of that specific civilization’s development and behaviour.

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